TEDxKreuzberg will be back soon

We had a fabulous first event at Impact Hub Berlin on April 12th. You can watch the livestream here.

Our next event will be announced soon. 







Our Team

We're a small but passionate group of volunteers. We hail from all over the world, coming together in Kreuzberg, to work together to create epic events for our community. 

Emily Casey

Lead Organiser

Originally from Melbourne, Emily made Berlin home in 2015. She likes to bring people together and collaborate to create epic & fun things. She's the co-founder of Femna, makes up one half of BierYoga and is currently learning German by memorising hip hop lyrics. Genau.


Edoardo Binda Zane

Speaker Coach

Edoardo Binda Zane is a stage trainer with roots in improvised theatre and European project management. His methods focus on strengthening core skills and applying them to stage presence, communication and creativity for innovation. He's authored two books and is working in Berlin and Milan.

Mike Börger

Head of Production



Stefanie Finkbeiner

Co-organiser & Event Manager

Steffi is a freelance event and production manager- fuelled by the social impact of storytelling and inspired by the arts, she strongly beliefs in the power of sharing ideas. Interdisciplinary collaboration is essential to her work. Stefanie is keen on finding innovative and sustainable solutions to the challenges that we face in our changing world.


Phoebe Blackburn

Speaker Coach

Phoebe is a communications and sustainability consultant based in Paris and Berlin, working freelance under the name Phenomenal Words, after working for 8 years in a large energy group in London and Paris. She’s helped to coach TED speakers, CEOs, managers and an opera singer in English, French and German, is passionate about waste issues and likes photography, arts, singing and travel.

Anna Caroline Tuerk


Anna works to change leadership. She helps organisations and individuals to create a judgment free zone where they can unleash their full potential to get actual results.


Joe Dodgshun

Head of Communications

Joe is a Berlin-based Kiwi writer in innovation communication. Inspired by social entrepreneurship, science/tech for good and responsible travel, he works to spread the inspiration through journalism, brand storytelling and now, TEDxKreuzberg.

Teodora Frenyo

Head of Design

Teodora has always been fascinated by colours and patterns. She's now an award-winning Art Director, Abode Trainer and creator of several brands, running her own design practice in Berlin. Photography is one of her oldest passions as well.


Marnie Williams

Social Media Crew

Originally from Paris, Marnie is currently working in the communications team of Impact Hub Berlin. She is determined to make TEDxKreuzberg a beautiful project that everyone will remember!



TEDxKreuzberg is organised by a small but passionate and talented team of volunteers. Here's an opportunity to be part of a stellar group of volunteers, all motivated to creating amazing TEDx events and working together to bring ideas worth sharing to life. If you would like to contribute to our team with your generous talents, please send us an email to tedxkreuzberg@gmail.com and tell us about your motivation and what you might be able to offer.